Bob Cheevers


The Reviews Are Coming In

October 6, 2014

On Earth As It Is In Austin has been out for about a month at this time, and the reviews are coming in from the UK and Europe in advance of my upcoming UK tour, which begins at the end of October. We have also begun receiving some US reviews, even though we haven’t yet focused any PR efforts here in the States, and we don’t really expect to until after the first of the year. Still, it feels good to be receiving positive reviews for this project, which was really a labor of love.

I would like to thank my European PR agents, James Soars and Peter Holmstedt, who have been working so hard at getting the record noticed before the UK tour begins. Here is a sampling of some of the reviews the record has been receiving:

“On Earth…finds Cheevers in his fine storyteller fettle acknowledging his stylistic debt to his prominent touchstone, the Red-Headed Stranger, on “You Sound Just Like Willie”.

Uncut, British Music Magazine

“Singer-songwriter Bob Cheevers is no stranger to these shores. A hard working road musician who possesses a rambling, gypsy-like spirit attuned to the story behind real people…people of the land and those less fortunate than most. His music is genuine, and his commitment to the art could not be greater”.

Flying Shoes Review
UK Music Magazine

“The troubadour Bob Cheevers will probably never stop singing just like his fellow singer-songwriter friend Chip Taylor. I keep wondering where this artist again and again continues to find inspiration for all those stories he transforms into beautiful songs…again and again. His 10th record, On Earth As It Is In Austin, is probably one of his most beautiful albums ever”.

Roots Time Review
Dutch Music Magazine

“Came home from a small vacation and found in my mailbox your package. Thank you once again for another amazing set of CD’s that really deserve to be promoted. In particular, Bob Cheevers’ On Earth As It Is In Austin stands as this year’s best.”

Blues & Friends Radio Show Host, Remo
The Netherlands

“When Cheevers forays into aging, true love, Old West history, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Texas, New Orleans and, of course, Austin…you can see why he’s survived 50 years as a musician and is still smiling”.

John Conquest Third Coast Magazine
Austin, Texas

“Bob Cheevers “On Earth As It Is In Austin” record is fantastic. Great soulful playing & sublime production. Very cool songs played with an abundance of badassness. I still can’t believe I’m part of it. Thank you again for the privilege.”

Walt Wilkins
Austin Singer-Songwriter

“Bob Cheevers new CD “On Earth As It Is In Austin: When I listened, I didn’t have the packaging so I tried to identify all my favorite musicians that are playing on it. I love that they have a style that you can pick out. If you know Stephen Doster your ear will perk up when you hear the song he’s on. I also picked out Warren Hood, Chip Dolan, Will Sexton. I dare you to put it on and see who all you can name. They really are Austin’s finest. Clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and brilliant musicians. You should have it!”

Lee Duffy
Curator of Austin Songwriters Group

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the record so far, and thank you to everyone who has been attending the recent shows and buying the record with your hard-earned money. You all make it all worth it.

Ciao, Bob