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Newsletter Archives: May, 2011

May 4, 2011

In a spirit of inspiration reminiscent of how Neil Young responded to the Kent State killings by immediately writing his powerful song “Ohio”, Bob Cheevers wrote a song last night while watching the Bin Laden event unfold on TV. The song is called “The End Of Bin”, and a national campaign will be launched today in an effort to coincide with the developments of recent events. The video is accessable by clicking on the URL below. It would be particularly appreciated by Bob if you watched the video and passed the URL along to your friends. The song performance was filmed and recorded by Bob’s duo partner guitarist Jeff Tveraas today in Jeff’s Cheshire Moon Studio in Austin in an effort to get the song out in a timely fashion. Thank you all very much…and peace.


Click here to view Bob’s “The End of Bin” video on YouTube

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