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Newsletter Archives: July 2011

July 11, 2011

With great pride and with the great sense of “Texas humility” only a boy from Tennessee could have, I’d like to tell you I just won the 2011 Texas Music Award for “Singer/Songwriter Of The Year”. Of all the places I’ve played across the globe, Texas supports its music and musicians more than anywhere I’ve been. To be recognized by my musician peers, my fans and friends, the public and the Texas Music Awards organization as being the Singer/Songwriter Of The Year is a great honor, mainly because being a singer/songwriter is what I do and its a huge part of who I am.

Thanks to all of you who cast your vote for me and who have come to my shows, bought my CDs and sent encouragement my way over the decades but particularly to those of you in the great state of Texas who helped me along the way to achieving this accolade after moving to Austin less than 4 years ago. As I have done for nearly 50 years of my songwriting career, I plan to continue doing my best work and stay focused on the gifts I’ve been given for which this award is intended to recognize. Thank you so much for this moment.

PS…recently you got a note from me saying my computer address book had been hacked and totally deleted. I was able to recover an address book from over 3 years ago, but much of the info is out of date and didn’t include any email addresses et al from the last 3 years soooo…if you haven’t already sent me an update on your cyber info, please do if you want me to have it…particularly those of you whose info I’ve collected in the last few years. Its real important to me.

Thanks again and ciao…Bob