Bob Cheevers


Listen in live on Bob recording new songs

June 28, 2017

Hey folks…because I’ve not been doing many gigs this Texas gig season, I’ve been a songwriter. This Wednesday, June 28th at 6pm, I’ll be playing a batch of new songs and would love for you to have a listen and give me some feedback on ‘em. We’ll be recording all or most of them in November with my Sacramento musician pals live sitting around an AEA R88 ribbon mic. We did 7 songs last March and how ever many we finish in November will turn into a live in studio album from Moon Studios with David Houston recordist/engineer, Larry Tagg and Bruce Leino on bass, Jim Caselli on drums, Bruce Leino, Lance Taber and Patrick Minor on guitars with Shelly Burns, Tracie Walton and Kelsey Taber backup vocals.

Here is the URL you can put in your browser to access the Concert Window event and interact with me while I’m playing 🙂 Hope to hear from a bunch of ya. love bob