Bob Cheevers



July 20, 2014

Hey look!!! I have a brand new web site that was launched july 15th. Its got all the 21st century bells and whistles that I need to let you all know whats up. The wonderful and talented Kianna Chauntis, who is part of the DBM Entertainment team, created it for me and did a smashing job. There are lots of pics in the “Gallery” section to wade thru each of which is tagged so ya know who’s who in them. The “Shows” section brings you up to date on where I’m playing and hey, you can even buy stuff right on the site in both the “Store” section and the “Music” section that offers all of my CDs including The Cheeversongs Archive Series which is a group of CDs with titles that reflect the direction of the songs on each CD. I look at all this stuff in wonder and think “Geeeeze…have I done all that in my life?”. The answer, to my amazement, is “Yes”. So THATS’ what I’ve been up to the last half century. Glad I got that sorted 🙂  Thanks Kianna for the above and beyond the call of duty work.

You’ll want to check her out…she is an amazing artist!