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Fifty Years-Donors

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A HUGE thank you to all on the list below who pre-ordered/contributed to this campaign. We ended up with about $7,000, for which I’m SO grateful. That will get us a long way. Thanks to every one of you!!!

Alan and Gail Frank
Alice Suryana
Andy and Linda Black
Analie Harrison
Angela Blair
Ann Brown
Ann Scritchfeild
Arian Ellis
Barbara Bergin
Barry Ollman
Becky Harvey
Billy Gee and Gail Henkel
Bob and Catherine Azar
Brad Colerick
Bruce Leino
Bub and Petra Sullivan
Butch Morgan
Carol Armstrong
Carol Moody
Carol and Wayne Crook
Chris and Robin Biondi
Conrad Blickenstorfer
Craig Cheevers
Craig Lehmann
D R Wagner
Dan Furness
Dave Gore
David MacNeill
Debbie Schmidt
Diana Longoria
Dominic Finley
Ed Bell
Eddie Dattle
Erik Shank
Fred Callahan
Geoff Collings
Geoff Haves
George Robinson
Grumpy Puppy
Harry Hopkins
Helen Banes
J. Seivers
James and Carol Higman
Jaime Edwards
James Higman
Janet Thomas
JC & Rory
Jeff Hughson
Jeff Paul
Jenny and Keith Tomes
Jim Marshall
Jim and Robyn Wood
Joanna Castillo
Joe Lamano
John Burke
John Cridland
John Waters
Jon Raney
Joni James
Jude Hudson
Julie Larson
Julie Zeitlin
Karen Claypool
Keith Gayhart
Keith Miller
Kelly Wheeler-Goodrich
Kerin Leclair
Kevin McManus
Lance Tabor
Larry and Vicky Waddey
Lawrence Phillips
Leanne and Jonathon Bennett
Leslie Littlejohn
Linda and John Eichberger
Linda McDonough
Malia Grace
Margaret Franklin
Mary Fairfield
Matt Misch
Mick Smith
Michael Brown
Michelle Saenze
Mike Farmer
Monique Wells
Murry Scougall
Nick Campling
Noreen Tierney
Pam Golightly
Pascal Desassis
Paul Duce
Phillip Franklin
Randall Graves
Reagan Wood
Regina Scherffius
Robert Overton
Robin and Jim Wood
Rod Balderee
Roger and Jude Thomsen
SJ McCardle
Sally Jacob
Sam Pierre
Sara Marshall
Steen Nielsen
Stephanie “Sugah” Wilbanks
Stephanie Spears
Steve and Wendy Grace
Steve Holsapple
Steve Wright
Steven Farnam
Steven Swain
Terri Bariden
Thomas Wilson
Tom Hill
Tom Tranchilla
Tonya Tyner