Bob Cheevers


Breaking News!!! “From Me To You”

November 28, 2018

For the second year in a row on my annual west coast tour, a group of my favorite Sacramento musician friends and I gathered around a single AEA R88 ribbon mic and recorded a brand new batch of songs LIVE at Moon Studio where we all have recorded together and separately for decades.

Followed by last year’s 14-song “Bob On A Stick” album, another 11 new songs were recorded in October with Moon Studio owner David Houston at the helm. Each of the musicians/singers was strategically placed forming a perfectly balanced musical landscape. The arrangements were done on the spot followed by live takes. No fixes…no mixes. The level of creative energy and magic in the studio fueled by lifelong friendships and love for each other was simply magic. One of the songs, “From Me To You”, is the title track.

Player/singers and what instruments were played by whom:
Brent Bourgeois…accordion on “Her Hand To Hold.
Tom Phillips…mandolin on “Her Hand To Hold”…Rickenbacker 360 12 string electric on “From Me To You”…nylon string guitar on “Jack Frost & The Man In The Moon”…tremelo electric & cello arrangement on “Thousand Year Old Woman”.
Krystyna Taylor…cello on “Thousand Year Old Woman”.
Larry Tagg…bass on all songs except “Call On Me”, “Jack Frost & The Man In The Moon”, “Thousand Year Old Woman” & “My Hand To Hold”.
Bruce Leino…bass on “Call On Me” and “Jack Frost & The Man In The Moon”…Gretsch White Falcon on “I Am A Patriot”, “From Me To You”, Hurricane”,, “Real True Love” & “What You Already Know”.
Mike Roe…electric on “Call On Me” and “Down De Line”.
Mark Hansen…dobro on “I Am A Patriot” & lap steel on “Hurricane”.
Joe Ybarra…pedal steel on “Thousand Year told Woman”, “What You Already Know”, “My Hand to Hold” & “From Me to You”.
Shelley Burns…duet on “Jack Frost & The Man In The Moon”.
Shelley Burns and Tracy Walton…back-up vocals on “Call On Me”, “Down De Line”, “Barcelona Rain” & “I Am A Patriot”.
Bruce Leino… back-up vocals on all but “Jack Frost & The Man In The Moon”.
David Houston…studio owner, placement czar and engineer.

Additional info:
Cover Photo…by Sharon Kay Berger.
Mastering…Chris Gage at Moonhouse Studio, Austin TX.

All Songs Written By: Bob Cheevers & co-produced with David Houston.

Publishing…©BobCheeversMusic SESAC 2018.

Official Worldwide Release Date…November 20, 2018.

Label…©Inbred Records International.

Early Purchase…email me at to arrange for a PayPal purchase of the download link.

Dedication…This record is for my Sacramento musician friends who played/sang on this year’s & last year’s live-in-studio recordings & to the Universe for another musical gift in my life.

Sincerely And With Love…Bob Cheevers