Bob Cheevers



July 19, 2014

Our 4th annual Bebobalooza Music Fest is screaming round the bend coming right at us on sunday september 24th. This year, it’ll be held at The Hills on S. Congress here in Austin from 4-8pm. Musical guests are Walt Wilkins and his Mystiqueros band, Warren Hood and his fab group, Kelley Mickwee of The Trishas, Chase Gassaway who is last year’s recipient of the door and silent auction money and…if the world doesn’t end and the creek don’t rise…I’ll play a few songs to kick off the event.This year we have a master of ceremonies to take on the duties I’ve muttled thru the last 3 years. David Arnsberger of KDRP will direct traffic on stage this year with his deep voice and big knowledge of Austin’s music scene.Our non-profit umbrella putting Bebobalooza on is called Over A Cheevers, Inc. The board of directors are Sharon K. Berger, Monique Wells, Noelle Hampton, Rita Diamond and my own self.

We are hard at work collecting great donations for the silent auction, acquiring sponsors and organizing the event moment by moment. We are fingers crossed that this will be the mother of all Bebobaloozas and with ya’lls help, it will surely be.We are now soliciting entrants who should go to to see what the criteria are to enter and to possibly win the proceeds of this Austin music community oriented money give away. Whats not to love about free money. Heaven knows…the many in-the-trenches, independent Austin singer/songwriters who are making an album could use a couple extra grand to help ‘em thru the long and expensive process of making their next great record.Bebobalooza is “Good folks doing good things for the right reasons”. Please support us by coming to the show sept. 24th. This is your music community Austin, and we need to see yer purty faces smiling on all the effort put in by each one of our board members who donate their time straight from the heart.
visit to see more! And thank you to Rich Reardin at

for the ridiculously groovy website for Over A Cheevers, Inc.!
 Tickets on sale now! $15 here:
 ….or $20 at the door!