Bob Cheevers


Dave Greaves

Introducing Dave Greaves “Still Life” Album


“This album is dedicated to my dad George Greaves (28 Oct. 1926-15 Jan. 2020).” Dave Greaves.

With great pride and joy, the double disc, 22 song Dave Greaves CD titled “Still Life”  will be released worldwide March 20th on Inbred Records International. This is a “Legacy Collection” of the most wonderful songwriter I’ve heard in decades. Part of my job as Executive Producer has been to assemble everything…with the help of my best friend, Stephen Holsapple, who designed the packaging, and my worldwide team who had worked on so many of my releases including Rich Reardin who mastered the song, European record promoter Peter Holmstedt, US Americana and Folk DJ record promoter Fred Boenig and Bill Wence, UK record promoter James Soars and US publicist Lance Cowan.

Dave and me at The Tap in Hull, England.

This wonderful record was released March 20th, 2020 on iTunes, Amazon and over a hundred other outlets. You can see Dave Greaves videos on YouTube and hear songs from “A Piece Of This Life” (with Richard Adams) here.  Please look and listen. I wouldn’t steer ya wrong. Love, Bob.

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