Bob Cheevers


A Note from Bob

February 21, 2015

IMG_7673Amazingly, we’re already well into this new year of 2015 after last fall’s wonderfully successful UK tour with my songwriting pal Stephen Doster. We rumbled thru 20-ish concerts in 30 nights along with doing half a dozen radio shows (including one where we met Englebert Humperdinck) and then took a side trip to Liverpool for The Beatles Tour and on to Paris to see the sights. Along the way, we played for rooms full of riveted listeners.

I took December thru February pretty much off to recharge my batteries, wrote about 20 songs and began preparing for the US promotional release of On Earth As It Is In Austin. The campaign has taken on a couple key “partners” in that effort. One of them is my old Nashville pal Lance Cowan of LC Media who has been at the top of the publicity food chain for decades. He will oversee the PR for the US release of the new record and participate in the re-branding of Bob Cheevers giving my career a bright, new twenty-first-century look.

Another important part of the puzzle is international booking agent Donna Phillips whose work with Michael Martin Murphy has given her the critical expertise to handle the job of putting me on higher roads playing in the best singer/songwriter venues in the US.

And if all thats not enough to tip the scales, my label reps and I have already started laying the groundwork for my 2016 project which will be a retrospective covering my last half dozen albums. There will be about 18 songs on that rear view mirror look at my career with another 18 song download card accompanying the purchase of the album. Look for news on that project to begin surfacing as 2015 progresses.

I’m holding on to my hat while all this stuff is unfolding and thankful for the great things that continue to come my way. Lets stay in touch.