Bob Cheevers


Smoke and Mirrors

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Track Listing

  1. Turn Around
  2. North of Baton Rouge
  3. Is it Ever Gonna Rain
  4. Cardinal Lane
  5. Flesh and Blood
  6. Every Doubt Has A Shadow
  7. Texas Women and Their Diamonds
  8. I’m Still Here
  9. Girl on the Early News
  10. Hope
  11. Va Ya Condios
  1. Days In Death Valley
  2. While the World Falls Away
  3. Paintings of the Masters
  4. She Cries Each Time She Hears a Train
  5. Widows Walk
  6. Home
  7. Popsicle Man
  8. Man Named Jesus
  9. Father McKinsey and Eleanor Rigby
  10. Lime on the Rim
  11. Don’t Ever Sell Yer Saddle
  12. Promis and the Promised Land

The phrase “smoke and mirrors” implies deceit, but it also suggests how difficult it can be to “see” things clearly thru life’s many distractions. The “Smoke” disc on this double disc CD is full band with more of an electric, “smokin” feel to it whereas the “Mirrors” disc is almost all acoustic.

The recordings feature performances of musicians from Austin, Nashville, Arkansas and Leicester, England and include vignettes of characters from the gold rush, members of my family including my only son, victims of the 2011 fires in Bastop Texas, a man named Jesus, sailors, drunkards, a local TV personality and star crossed lovers. I hope we have created something magic in a world where so many things we are attracted to are just shiny objects that are empty vessels made to look pretty by the use of…smoke and mirrors.