Bob Cheevers


One Man One Martin

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Track Listing

  1. Horse Shoe Man
  2. Drowning Moon
  3. Common Ground
  4. Rag and Bone Man
  5. Ruby Scarlet and the Sacred Rose
  6. Don’t Be Afraid
  7. What You Already Know
  8. Heads Or Tails
  9. Vincent and Elaine
  10. The Quick and the Dead
  11. Free Now
  12. Hell Is Rollin’ Down

“Singer/songwriter… guitar/vocal… solo/acoustic… one man/one Martin. This collection of songs is the first recording I’ve done with just voice and instrument. My “We Are All Naked” CD began like that, but I got carried away by the sounds in my head of other vocal and instrumental parts. On that CD, it was right to add those parts. On this one, its right to leave them off. These are more stories written about the naked truth delivered by one man playing his old, black Martin guitar. “