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Having written over 3,000 songs with some of them heard on TV and in movies, Bob has toured Europe relentlessly since the year 2000...
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Latest News
I have several big announcements that I’m very proud to make. The first is that I have a brand new, self-produced record finished and ready to roll out onto the showroom floor. Its titled “On Earth As It Is In Austin” featuring 15 new songs with my guitar and voice recorded live. Then, 15 of Austin’s most celebrated musicians were recorded playing on one song each. As usual, the subject matter of the songs wanders thru a miscellaneous landscape of thoughts which include growing older, finding the partner of my dreams, sounding like Willie, living in Texas as well as looking back on a few characters and situations that are straight out of my imagination.

The second part of this announcement is that this CD will be on Private Angel Records which is a subsidiary of DBM Entertainment Group…an Austin based consortium that also houses Atticus Records. Private Angel’s mission is taking this new disc from completing the art work stage to manufacturing to world wide distribution and promotion. The release date will be September 9th, 2014. You can find my summer tour dates and the 25 concerts in 30 nights in the UK during november at

I’m thinking about this record as a time-piece rather than a master-piece.

Two other projects are part of this “deal” and will both be on Atticus Records. The first of those two is a 3 disc retrospective of my half century recording career running from my California pop days (1968-1991) thru the Nashville era (1991-2003) followed my comfortable landing here in Austin in 2007. The “box set” will include a comprehensive booklet with lots of photos, anecdotes and stories accompanying the songs that show the musical journey of a wide eyed young man from Memphis who evolves into a journeyman artisan with close to 50 years on the job.

The third part of the “deal” will be the recording of what I’ve long considered will be my “masterpiece”…a double disc set of my Old South/Civil War songs written over a 30-ish year period drawing from stories my Grandmother told me when I was a boy as well as tales with characters in them that I made up who could have lived thru that dark period of America’s history.

Fourth and hardly last or least, my web site has been totally updated bringing me into the 21st century using all the current day, hi-fi bells and whistles that make it more accessible and easier to meander thru. Lots of pictures of people, places and things related to what I’ve been up to for a lifetime. Sharon and I came told web designer czar Kianna Chauntis what we wanted, and Ms. K executed all of our wishes as well as many more elements that we didn’t even know were possible.

The names behind the “DBM Entertainment Group” moniker are Austin producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter Stephen Doster who produced my “Tall Texas Tales” CD, Rick Busby who is president of the Austin Songwriters Group and also a dedicated singer/songwriter who’s most recent CD was also produced by Stephen Doster…and Monte McWilliams who is a member of Austin Songwriters Group and another dedicated singer/songwriter and who, along with his father, is a life long Civil War buff. All 3 of the principals are Texas men with road tested expertise in different areas of business with Stephen and Rick having been in the business of music as well as songwriters and artists in their own right. AND…they are all my friends.

I’m honored to be asked to join DBM Entertainment Group for this 3 phase effort with guys I love and trust. I can say the same thing about our friendships that I say about the stories you’ll hear in the songs on these records…“I don’t know if these stories are true…but they happened to me”.

Hey look!!! I have a brand new web site that was launched july 15th. Its got all the 21st century bells and whistles that I need to let you all know whats up. The wonderful and talented Kianna Chauntis, who is part of the DBM Entertainment team, created it for me and did a smashing job. There are lots of pics in the “Gallery” section to wade thru each of which is tagged so ya know who’s who in them. The “Shows” section brings you up to date on where I’m playing and hey, you can even buy stuff right on the site in both the “Store” section and the “Music” section that offers all of my CDs including The Cheeversongs Archive Series which is a group of CDs with titles that reflect the direction of the songs on each CD. I look at all this stuff in wonder and think “Geeeeze…have I done all that in my life?”. The answer, to my amazement, is “Yes”. So THATS’ what I’ve been up to the last half century. Glad I got that sorted :-)  Thanks Kianna for the above and beyond the call of duty work.

You’ll want to check her out…she is an amazing artist!