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Having written over 3,000 songs with some of them heard on TV and in movies, Bob has toured Europe relentlessly since the year 2000...
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I’m so happy about this new “On Earth As It Is In Austin” CD. Back in late 2013, I went thru a creative burst writing 30 songs in 6-8 weeks. They are all songs I can perform solo which got me to thinking. Its been a real long time since I put out a guitar/vocal record and am often asked which one of the CDs I sell at gigs best represents what the listener just heard me do at a show. With that in mind and thinking about how I could add a twist to a record of that kind, I came up with the idea of adding a different Austin musician to play one song each on the 15 songs I chose for the record.
It was a very fun challenge thinking about each song and which person I know that had a playing style that really fit that song. It took awhile for Sharon and me to sort thru the many names we came up with matching song to musician. Knowing all of the folks who played on the record and the styles they are capable of easily covering, it was really no problem at all putting the list together. Out of the 15 songs, there were a couple songs that I felt less close to than others, so choosing the musicians for those songs was really important because their part would make up the difference for my tentative attitude toward the son. It worked perfectly.
The new CD is available in hard copy here on my web site and on other platforms like iTunes,, MyTexasMusic, LoneStarMusic et al for both hard copy and digital downloads. I think of this record as a “time piece not a masterpiece” and would love to re-record most if not all of the songs with a full band one day. The good news for me is that I can perform all of these songs by myself and since thats the way I perform most often, its a win/win situation. See what ya think and let me know, will ya? And thanks. BurkesCar

For months Sharon and our OverACheevers, Inc. board members Noelle Hampton, Rita Diamond and Monique Wells have been working undercover organizing the upcoming, 4th Annual Bebobalooza Music Fest which will be held sunday 4-8pm, Sept. 28th at The Hills Cafe, 4700 S. Congress in Austin. This year’s featured performers are Walt Wilkins and his Mystiqueros, the Warren Hood Band, Kelley Mickwee (of The Trishas) and the recipient of last year’s door/silent auction proceeds Chase Gassaway.
Each year, a great group of in-the-trenches Austin singer/songwriters who are making a record to be released around the end of the year submit a questionnaire and three mp3s of songs they are working on for their record. A panel of 4 Austin music biz professionals determine who the recipient of the prize money will be based on a strict but very artistic set of criteria.
This year, our sponsors are Shiner Beer, S. Austin Music, Affordable Sound, The Hills Cafe, JW Productions, KOOP Radio, Fly On The Wall Media, In Search Of A Song and Texas Music Water. We have about a dozen entrants so far, and every one is a winner.
Each year our silent auction is a killer featuring gift certificates for botox injections and teeth whitening, gift certificates from S. Austin Music, Strait Music and Musician’s Woodshed, all sorts of wonderful art in many mediums along with a myriad of restaurant gift certificates from the Four Season’s Trio restaurant to the League to Flores and and and…the list goes on as does the beat. Taking over the master of ceremonies duties from me this year will be long time Austin DJ and music aficionado David Arnsberger. I’ll be doing live shows on KOOP and KDRP/Sun Radio to promote the event and want to invite any of you who would help with the PR to please add the following Evite URL to your mailing list and Facebook sites:
Finally…OverACheevers, Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates on donations. We put our blood, sweat and tears into thses Bebalooza events with me being the ultimate financial backer. I’d like to ask you in the most encouraging way to help us finance this great Austin music community event by going to and clicking on the “Be Bob Alooza 2014” button to donate AND the Brown Paper Tickets logo to buy tickets to the event.
Our motto is “Good Folks Doing Good Things For The Right Reasons”. It really takes a village. We’ve done all we can to make this event as good or better than the last 3. Now we really need your help to blow the roof off.
Thanks ya’ll…ciao bob

BBA Wants You 5

On oct 26th, 2014, I get on United flight UA203 to begin my journey to London’s Heathrow airport. Giving myself a few days to recoup from jet lag and to rehearse the new “On Earth As It Is In Austin” CD songs with my London old pal and guitarist extraordinaire Geoff Haves who I’ve played many shows with in the UK, we will begin our 25 concerts in 30 nights tour of England and Scotland on Oct. 30th with the final show on Nov. 30th. Many of the venues I’ve played before, but there are a bunch of new ones. My last UK tour was two years ago almost to the day…when we did about the same number of shows of which all but one were sold out. I’m hoping for the same level of success with this tour and am so looking forward to getting on that plane and knowing that months of writing and recording plus months of planning and booking the tour are about to come to fruition.
I have a wonderful tour/record promoter in the UK named James Soars I’ve worked with on the last several tours who will again be at the wheel for this one. Also, my great pal in Sweden and champion of my music for almost two decades, Peter Holmstedt, will be promoting the new record in Europe. Their campaigns will be launched soon. The official release date for the record is Sept. 9th.
In the US, my new label Private Angel Records is gearing up for promotion and marketing of the record in America. To say “It takes a village” is an understatement, and I’m so grateful to be part of DBM Entertainment’s label roster along with my regular duo pal Stephen Doster who’s new record is nearly ready for launch and Rick Busby who’s first two records appear on Private Angel Records. They, by the way, are the “D” and the “B” of DBM with Monte McWilliams being the “M”.
I’ll turn 71 years old while in Paris with my sweetheart Sharon Kay Berger who will, by then, be my wife. She will spend 10 days in England with us during the tour as she did on the last tour. We get to drag her around to all the gigs and to spend time with some of the wonderful folks who I’ve made lifetime friendships with along this 12 years of touring across the pond. Sharon and I are gonna take the high speed train to Paris for a “mini-moon” while she is there. We’ll stay in this posh hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower and will most likely drink lots of my favorite Veuve Cliquot champaign.
I’ve been so fortunate for half a century to have paid attention to my musical gift and ridden on its coattails all around the world. So…here I go again on another magic carpet ride. Bon voyage and stay tuned for updates along the way. IMG_7673

I have several big announcements that I’m very proud to make. The first is that I have a brand new, self-produced record finished and ready to roll out onto the showroom floor. Its titled “On Earth As It Is In Austin” featuring 15 new songs with my guitar and voice recorded live. Then, 15 of Austin’s most celebrated musicians were recorded playing on one song each. As usual, the subject matter of the songs wanders thru a miscellaneous landscape of thoughts which include growing older, finding the partner of my dreams, sounding like Willie, living in Texas as well as looking back on a few characters and situations that are straight out of my imagination.

The second part of this announcement is that this CD will be on Private Angel Records which is a subsidiary of DBM Entertainment Group…an Austin based consortium that also houses Atticus Records. Private Angel’s mission is taking this new disc from completing the art work stage to manufacturing to world wide distribution and promotion. The release date will be September 9th, 2014. You can find my summer tour dates and the 25 concerts in 30 nights in the UK during november at

I’m thinking about this record as a time-piece rather than a master-piece.

Two other projects are part of this “deal” and will both be on Atticus Records. The first of those two is a 3 disc retrospective of my half century recording career running from my California pop days (1968-1991) thru the Nashville era (1991-2003) followed my comfortable landing here in Austin in 2007. The “box set” will include a comprehensive booklet with lots of photos, anecdotes and stories accompanying the songs that show the musical journey of a wide eyed young man from Memphis who evolves into a journeyman artisan with close to 50 years on the job.

The third part of the “deal” will be the recording of what I’ve long considered will be my “masterpiece”…a double disc set of my Old South/Civil War songs written over a 30-ish year period drawing from stories my Grandmother told me when I was a boy as well as tales with characters in them that I made up who could have lived thru that dark period of America’s history.

Fourth and hardly last or least, my web site has been totally updated bringing me into the 21st century using all the current day, hi-fi bells and whistles that make it more accessible and easier to meander thru. Lots of pictures of people, places and things related to what I’ve been up to for a lifetime. Sharon and I came told web designer czar Kianna Chauntis what we wanted, and Ms. K executed all of our wishes as well as many more elements that we didn’t even know were possible.

The names behind the “DBM Entertainment Group” moniker are Austin producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter Stephen Doster who produced my “Tall Texas Tales” CD, Rick Busby who is president of the Austin Songwriters Group and also a dedicated singer/songwriter who’s most recent CD was also produced by Stephen Doster…and Monte McWilliams who is a member of Austin Songwriters Group and another dedicated singer/songwriter and who, along with his father, is a life long Civil War buff. All 3 of the principals are Texas men with road tested expertise in different areas of business with Stephen and Rick having been in the business of music as well as songwriters and artists in their own right. AND…they are all my friends.

I’m honored to be asked to join DBM Entertainment Group for this 3 phase effort with guys I love and trust. I can say the same thing about our friendships that I say about the stories you’ll hear in the songs on these records…“I don’t know if these stories are true…but they happened to me”.